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Sep 18 2020

And just to be clear, this assessment does not determine how awesome your art is!

Get instant access to new art-pricing data. How unique is your style? How many successful sales have you made? Regional adjustments.

If your art style, following, or sales numbers don’t change much in that time you may not be ready to adjust pricing (This could also mean you may be priced too high or you need to evaluate your self promotion tactics). You may be in a level above or below where you scored on the assessment. Evaluate your variables, pick a price per square inch, see how it sells, adjust as needed. Thanks for doing this and being so generous.Thank you Kelly for an informative and easy to follow post! Trial and error. Which makes assigning a dollar amount to your work very frustrating, and sometimes confusing. Lucky for you, I’ve created an assessment that will help you figure out the right price.Using a variety of factors, I have created five artist ‘levels’ with price ranges that includes discounted prices, regularly priced pieces, and premium priced pieces.All artists have to start somewhere. This art pricing calculator is based on the linear-inch pricing model.

The only confusing part was what number is put into the “Artist Constant” in the calculator is that where you put the price per inch or the level we got from the assessment? Whoops! How common is your art style? If so, continue on. Even though pricing is subjective and fluid, you still want to be able to explain the changes and not scare off customers.If you suddenly have so many requests for art that you can’t keep up with demand–it’s time to increase your prices.I hope this was helpful for any new artists out there! Did it give you an idea of where to start?Thanks for reading and check out my previous posts for more artsy goodness.P.S. Does this formula cover your investment AND leave a decent profit? Art Price Calculator does all the work for you. Art Price Calculator. It’s a predominantly blue collar place. The art pricing calculator has been designed to be simple and easy to use, it will cover your base costs of time, salary, materials and allow you to input a desired profit margin on top. Where do you plan to sell your work? I’ve been there.I’ve put a lot of guesswork into pricing my art over the years. How big is your following? Art is appreciated in my town, but you can’t force people to justify paying their rent vs buying a new piece of art. *This website uses cookies and contains affiliate product links. This artwork pricing calculator will allow the everyday artist to make a profit from their passion without losing out on money and not valuing their artwork properly. Haphazard market testing, if you will. Think of new musicians before they are recognized by a large label. Do you feel it was accurate?

You may need to adjust your formula a bit to account for this.If you start out selling your work at craft and art fairs, and then upgrade to a gallery and have to increase your prices to account for the commission fee–this is your new base price per square inch. You create a ‘buy now or miss out!’ type of urgency.If a customer feels like you treated them really well with the first discounted purchase they made, they are much more likely to save for your higher priced pieces.Play around with your pricing for about a year at a time. Larger artists have spent a lot of time building their brand and a sense of trust with their audience. A: At the moment the pricing data comes from Foundmyself.com (the art community I run) and is updated often to reflect the latest prices.

Pieces that look simple and take less time to complete can sell for thousands in galleries. Since I started using this formula, my life as gotten easier.If you think my calculations are wildly off base, then do some Googling and see if there is another formula out there that fits your needs better. If you enjoy my blogs and gain any inspiration from the content I put out there, please consider becoming a This is fantastic! Simply choose a cost per linear inch and the size of your canvas, and follow the examples below to figure out how much your piece would cost. Even outside of the gallery.

Q: Where does the app look to get those prices? Pieces that take days of work–intricate landscapes and lifelike portraits–can sell for $50 at a flea market. I had made some edits and swapped out “Artist’s Constant” for “Price per Square Inch” and missed that label! Well…an easy-ish formula.

If you do another art fair after successfully selling at a gallery, apply a visible discount to this price instead of just lowering it to account for the market shift.I have attempted to give my art away.

Welcome! Easy Let me know your thoughts on the formula below! You're ready to start estimating the price you might charge for your art, based on millions of real-world examples. Again, this is all very subjective. It takes time to get out what you put into your art, but be patient! Mind you, regardless of perceived monetary value, all this art still involves skill, technique, and creativity, and thus deserves respect.Art is a fluid idea. I love that you put so much thought into really precise analysis, breakdown, and easy-to-understand explanations of the concepts in your blogs!

I totally agree that the pricing structure might not work the best for the extreme ends of the sizing spectrum. Your blog is so helpful!!

The formula used takes into account US pricing and may not translate to international markets.You’ve just created a masterpiece. What kind of art does the market want?A lot of this is incredibly subjective, butI’ve created a handy little assessment that will give you a rough idea of where you are in your artistic journey, but remember this is not a hard and fast rule for how you should price your work. “What is it worth?”Art is an odd thing. I’m not trying to definitively tell you what your art is valued at.

Travel to another part of the world and the reverse may be true. Art Pricing Calculator.

I bet they are playing shows in a dingy bar and getting paid barely enough to cover gas.

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