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Sep 18 2020

23 Honey Recipes to Make ASAP. All the ingredients are easy to find in any grocery store,  including the blue raspberry mix, sparkling water, coconut extract, heavy cream (I don’t use ice cream, as many blue slushie recipes call for) and it takes only 5 minutes to throw together! I made this one with Vodka but you can use just about any alcohol that you like to make alcoholic slushy’s.Rum, Tequila, Whiskey, Bourbon would all work in the blended alcoholic cocktails. The blue color makes me happy and reminds me of summer. (I’ve made this exact recipe for a delicious Whiskey Slush that is really tasty! So why not treat the kids or yourself to a fun and easy slushy summer drink ? If you want your girls (or guys) night to be a success, these margarita slushies are a must. Feel free to As a big fan of whiskey myself, I never imagined these Whiskey slushies to taste so incredible, when I first made them, but now I find myself making them time and time again, as my dad loves them too. Garnish with glitzy patriotic picks and straws. They taste amazing, are not too hard to make and come with a crazy looking red color, they’re always a hit when we make them! Pinot Slush. This There weren’t a lot of fancy drinks for children around when I was a kid; especially blue ones!

Place glasses in freezer while preparing additional layers. It’s even better when made into a slush, there’s just something special about the delicious slushie texture! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It only takes 3 ingredients to make this easy Pink Lemonade Vodka Slush! Stephanie Jackson / Via year-roundgiving.com. My favorite is the Yale Cocktail - gin, blue curacao and dry vermouth, although the Blue Cowboy is great, too (gin and blue curacao)! So, while you make a slushy for the kids, you can make this delicious red, white, and blue slushy for the adults. Stick around if you plan on standing out with your next pool party.Instead of just offering regular drink options like cocktails, have you ever thought of boozy slushies?

Strain in a chilled cocktail glass. Why don’t we make that thought a reality and relax by enjoying a refreshing rum slushie? And of course I couldn’t resist, thinking that I could make a cool looking drink out of it. Everyone was super impressed!I believe no matter how busy you are you can entertain without stress while making great tasting food that people will rave about.Sign up to get recipes and tips for stress free entertaining! Is Rhubarb a fruit or a vegetable? each) glasses. Are you going to have your favorite friends over? By KARLEEN77 Wine Slushie
Nothing basic about this slush. ; S’MORES MARTINI [Marshmallow vodka, … One of the most popular summertime drinks is my Icy Rum Slush cocktail. It just screams summer and helps us to celebrate summer all year long!I’d drink to this! How easy is that!! Here's another beautiful blue cocktail: It's the Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher Slush, and it's guaranteed to get you sloshed.Learn the bartending skills you need to make this drink in our online mixology course, This gorgeous raspberry-flavored cocktail combines Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher vodka, Island Punch Pucker, and sweet and sour for a blue cocktail that’ll blow your mind. Slushies by themselves are super refreshing, but pair that with some alcohol and you’ve got alcoholic slushies, a recipe for a seriously good pool party.Who’s ready to get their blender out and get this party started and make some delicious alcoholic slushies?P.S. This Midwestern classic is great for the holidays, showers, and cocktail parties! My Blue raspberry is a great drink flavor to play with and this blue raspberry drink was an experiment gone right. Made with Vodka, lemonade and layered for the holiday!It’s refreshing, cold, icy and perfect for summer BBQs or any warm weather entertaining! Ingredients Gin, 2 oz. These Hennessy Slushies are simply delicious and they’ll take good care of you. Made with Vodka, lemonade and layered for the holiday! Unwrap 4 blue mixed berry pops. I don’t know what it is about blue drinks that make them so enticing but whenever I see one, I want it.Recently when I was out shopping with my daughter, she asked me to buy some blue raspberry martini mix because well, it was blue! Red, White, and Blue Vodka Lemonade Slush Home Made Hooplah blue curacao, grenadine syrup, ice, lemonade, vodka The Mad Scientist | A Halloween Cocktail Kicking It … This Blue Raspberry Slushie is a great summer drink to make on a Friday night when parents may be enjoying a special drink as well.There are a lot of blue drinks with alcohol out there but no so many blue non alcoholic drinks, especially summer slushy drinks. All the ingredients are easy to find in any grocery store, including the blue raspberry mix, sparkling water, coconut extract, heavy cream (I don’t use ice cream, as many blue slushie recipes call for) and it takes only 5 minutes to throw together! According to Ellen, she made Bourbon slush for her husband and 15 of his friends and they all loved it and asked for round 2. Sugar Spice and Glitter. His real name was Jasper Newton Daniel! The Jello is what gets the kids excited. Add sparkling water if you’d like a less booze-forward drink.

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