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kingdom hearts chain of memories ps4 trophies

Sep 18 2020

You should obtain this trophy some time in Sora's story.In order to obtain this trophy you must open 10 Room of Reward treasure chests. View all the trophies here that only cost the minimum number of CP (Card Points) needed to add that card type to your deck. Whirlwind Plunge is the fourth mini-game in the 100 Acre Wood, you can play it by talking to the well that's blowing leaves in the air.

45 Trophies ... 114,359 Owners • 128 Recent PS4. Sora has lost something dear to him and must venture through the castle to reclaim it, what he has lost though he has …

Earned Date. Premium Rewards are randomly dropped after battle, however the Premium Room and White Room map cards will make a Premium Reward drop after every battle.You have two attempts at this trophy.

The Key to Rewards card will randomly drop after battles, starting on the floor 7. Fortunately, the difficulty trophies do stack on the PS4 version, so you can just beat Sora's story on Proud and obtain Obtain all trophies. However, unlike Sora, Riku has no useful sleights in his normal form and his decks are preset for every world. Add or remove a card from a deck and exit the Edit Deck menu to obtain this trophy. Use this to your advantage when you encounter swarms that move in a curved pattern and collect balloons to replace the ones that you've lost.

Fortunately, the difficulty trophies do stack on the PS4 version, so you can just beat Riku's story on Proud and obtain both Beat Riku's story on any difficulty to obtain this trophy. To obtain this trophy you must get a grand total of 1,310,000 xp to get Sora to level 99. 52,513 Game Owners 68 Recent Players 4,507 (8.58%) Platinum Achievers 22% Average Completion 623,078 Trophies Earned 4,508 (8.58%) 100% Completed rjdon13 › Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories Trophies Beat Sora's story on any difficulty to obtain this trophy.

In order to obtain this trophy you must defeat: Sometimes a Barrel Spider Heartless will spawn. You'll lose a balloon if you hit a branch or bee swarm. You have to use a Hi-Potion, Mega-potion (for attack cards), Mega-Ether (for magic cards) or Mega-Elixer card (for both premium attack and magic) to reload premium cards.Normal cards can only be turned into a premium cards by the Premium Reward. View all the trophies here XboxAchievements ... Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories HD (PS3) Trophies. Unfortunately, the tutorial does not explain the card system well enough.Alongside these rules are three special rules that work in battle:With these rules in mind, the easiest way to beat almost everything in the game is to spam Sleights left and right. To get this trophy you must collect all the honey orbs. With this knowledge in mind, the tips below, and the , you should be able to beat Proud without much trouble.Tigger's Jump-a-Thon is the third mini-game in the 100 Acre Wood, you can play it by talking to Tigger. 13.67% (115.0) Proud … Earned Date. Luckily the bee swarm will also disappear for the remainder of the game. (13) Undefeated: Clear the game without using a continue. Below are some tips on helping you to clear Sora's story mode:This is one of the most tedious trophies in the game due to the Enemy cards. Welcome to the PlayStation 4 version of the Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories trophy guide. However, once a premium card is used, it can't be reloaded. Luckily there are a few ways to speed up the process.Should you enter Dark Mode, you can jump and keep attacking to use Riku's spinning attack, which counts as a combo finisher (thus you have a chance you use Lexaeus' instant-kill effect with every spin).If you die during a fight and choose 'continue', the game will put you back at the moment (and level) when you first entered the room. The only enemies you don't encounter normally in Riku's story mode are Black Fungus (in Black Room map cards) and Barrel Spiders. Full list of all 48 KINGDOM HEARTS Re:Chain of Memories trophies - 36 bronze, 9 silver, 2 gold and 1 platinum.

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