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Sep 18 2020

See image of Kenny Delmar, the voice of Commander McBragg in The World of Commander McBragg (TV Show).

Expy: Commander McBragg displays a great deal of similarity to P. G. Wodehouse's Mr. Mulliner and The Eldest Member.

May 10, 2015 - A black and white rough I found online and colored for a blog posting. So extraordinary, in fact, that even his animated listeners find him hard to believe.

Was born Sep 5, 1910 - Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Fat and Skinny: Chumley and Tennessee Gentleman Adventurer: Commander McBragg Great White Hunter: Commander McBragg Supporting segments includes Tennessee Tuxedo and his Tales, and The World of Commander McBragg.In later years, They replaced Tennessee Tuxedo and his Tales with Go Go Gophers, and Klondike Kat. When his veracity is questioned, McBragg is unfazed. The World of Commander McBragg Episode Guide -Total Television Prods- 1964.

Underdog was a 1960s superhero-genre animated TV series featuring the voices of Wally Cox, Norma MacMillan, and Allen Swift. Commander McBragg is featured in the majority of episodes, replaced by three segments of The Sing-A-Long Family (in shows one-three, 28-30, and 55-57). McBragg uses extraordinary means to extract himself from inescapable situations. Physically and vocally, he strongly resembles the actor C. Aubrey Smith. Known for voicing Commander McBragg, and Colonel Kit Coyote.
View 9 images of Kenny Delmar's characters from his voice acting career.

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