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Sep 18 2020

Afterwards you’ll find yourself outside the TV Station - run back across the bridge, down the stairs and back to the Pub, stopping to be pestered by Rinoa twice on the way. Otherwise, aside from an interaction with the clerk there’s little to do in here. Once you know these three things, you’ll know what drink to offer the drifter. (right)Once done, talk to the woman by the bar and she’ll outright tell you whether the drifter prefers Bitter or Sweet beverages. Your destination lies to the right, but enter the Timber Maniacs building and note the stacks of magazines on the floor.

Timber Maniac Magazine Locations - FF8 Guide.
You’ll find yourself now controlling Laguna, Kiros and Ward in the forests outside of Timber.

Head down to the bridge first, then continue right to find the area outside the Timber Hotel, next to which is a weapon shop. I have Timber Maniacs issues 2-5, Extra Entry and 7-12. and the lady who owns the house will see you off by giving you a (1 of 3) After the debacle at the TV Station you’ll be informed Timber is no longer safeExit the house and talk to a Galbadian soldier outside, who happens to be Watts in disguise. If you continue right to the Train Tunnel area you can head up some stairs, then enter a house to find an old man sitting on a sofa. If you can, upgrade her weapon, and for the future keep in mind that her ultimate weapon requires two Energy Crystals, a Force Armlet, a Regen Ring and two Windmills, the first and second of which might be a while in coming. Walk over to him and note that he’s sprawled in front of the door you need, and instead of just tossing him out of the way you’ll need to find a less violent means of coercing him… for some reason.

Final Fantasy VIII Magazine Locations: all magazines, including missables, in pick-up order. Make another meaningless dialogue choice then exit to the right to be pestered by Zone, who is also in disguise. I checked the terminal in the class room. Remove this ad - Subscribe to Premium.

When they see you, a battle ensues, making this the only unavoidable fight in Timber.

By following this guide you can aspire to the following:By continuing you confirm you have read and agree to our Why not join us today? That direction’s a bust, so return to the Galbadia Platform and head right to reach the exterior of the Timber Maniacs building. Convenient. Timber Laguna Dream - Centra Excavation Site. Timber Maniacs issue 9 meanwhile is in the Dollet pub. Timber: Enlarge: Timber List of Draw Points and Items. Return downstairs and go to exit the house to prompt more dialogue, where you’ll ultimately decide your next destination should be Galbadia Garden. ... (Two events - once after Dollet, once before going to Timber). Don’t worry, we’ll get you there, and to help find your way around, peruse the provided map:Right now you’re in the Galbadia Platform area, and there’s little to do or see here, so head up to the Balamb Platform, where you’ll find the Pet Shop and the gift shop. You can just blindly guess as much as you want, as there’s no penalty for failure.Failing that, you can hand over the Buel Card you found outside… not that it’s worth anything anyways. Search the top-most pile of books on the right side of the hallway to find an issue of Enter a door to the left to reach a small, dark room and search a desk at the bottom of the screen to find a Grab what you can from Timber Maniacs and head back outside. If you press forward, the situation will degenerate and Rinoa will force you to intervene.

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