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Sep 18 2020

In most cases, patients are required to stay for a minimum of two weeks which is about the time it takes for the treatment to yield any significant impact on the body. Attempts to evaluate the Gerson therapy as a whole are problematic due to the complexity of the treatment, time taken for its possible effectiveness and poor record keeping/tracking of previous patients by the Gerson InstituteA five-year survival rate retrospective study of 153 cancer patients found higher survival rates in patients with melanoma, colorectal and ovarian cancers undergoing the Gerson regime than for patients undergoing other therapiesSince the 1940s several attempts have been made to assess the efficacy of the Gerson therapy. The Gerson therapy is not targeted at any one specific symptom or disease, instead it is claimed to treat the underlying cause of the disease, therefore restoring health to the whole body. ©2020 WebMD, Inc. All rights reserved.Who Discovered the Gerson Therapy? Green S. A critique of the rationale for cancer treatment with coffee enemas and diet. The Gerson therapy uses a special diet, supplements and also coffee enemas to detoxify and stimulate the body’s metabolism. Until recently, the only medical facility licensed by the Gerson Institute was the Baja Nutri Care Clinic, located in the Playas area of Tijuana, Mexico. To publicise the therapy as much as possible, Charlotte Gerson tours the world lecturing and providing workshops for patients and health care professionalsThe Gerson diet is entirely organic and vegetarian and includes up to 13 glasses of fresh juices a day. Gerson therapy is a type of alternative cancer treatment that requires the use of a specialized diet. One of the studies reviewed had analyzed patients with pancreatic cancer. Only then can we make sense of the many The strategy usually focuses on cleansing the body of toxic substances that go into our body every day primarily through the food that we consume. Over time, the doctor expanded the treatment and found that it worked just as well on treating degenerative diseases and cancer.Practitioners of the treatment believe it reactivates the human body’s organic self-healing ability and has no harmful side effects. Please describe your experience.Please share your experience, or that of someone you know, about the diet, supplements, and enemas of the Gerson therapy.What side effects did you, or that of someone you know, have with the Gerson therapy? The Gerson therapy is a comprehensive dietary and detoxification regimen that has been used to treat people with cancer and other degenerative diseases. Gerson therapy is also said to improve your overall immune system and increase your metabolic rate.

The Gerson therapy was named after Dr. Max B. Gerson (1881-1959), who first used it to treat his migraine headaches. According to the analysis, patients reported they received more significant pain relief along with a lowered example of hypercalcemia (in patients with bone metastases). The lack of research and approval from medical professionals has led to this treatment option not being approved for use in the United States. Dr Max Gerson founded the “Gerson Therapy” in the early 1930s initially as a holistic treatment for migraine attacks from which he struggled with on a regular basis. There is now also a clinic in Hungary that has also been licensed by the Gerson InstituteThe Gerson Institute provides a newsletter and contact details of support groups run by long-term recovered patients.

Patients with cancer take as many as five coffee enemas every day.

In addition to this the excessive demands of time, money and other resources on the patient undergoing the therapy may be extreme. The reports include Dr. Gerson's notes, with some X-rays of the patients over time. Furthermore, an Australian analysis of the Gerson treatment revealed it provided patients with a greater quality of life through their treatment compared to conventional procedures. The process is intended to alleviate any stress on the liver that could happen as the body attempts to purge all the germs and toxic substances which have entered the body.Moreover, these enemas are demonstrated to have raised the body’s absorption of Vitamin A, which has a vital role in the human body’s immune function and enabling them to better deal with precancerous cells in the body.Regrettably, the medical community and the press have often misrepresented the survival rates for cancer patients undergoing the Gerson therapy. Pancreatic enzymes are given to decrease the demands on the weakened liver and pancreas to make enzymes for digestion. The lack of research and approval from medical professionals has led to this treatment option not being approved for use in the United States. In some cases, coffee enemas have been found to result in infection or serious dehydration.Although some medical professionals in the United States do not support this type of cancer treatment, it is still promoted as a metabolic therapy. No substantial evidence exists in the scientific literature to support the claims that the Gerson therapy is an effective alternative therapy for cancer. Proponents of the Gerson therapy have made claims that it is an effective treatment for cancer and other illnesses, through balancing the levels of potassium and sodium in the body, removal of toxins and regeneration of liver function and also improving overall nutritional status.Based on one methodologically flawed retrospective study and several case reports, there is no clear evidence that Gerson therapy is an effective treatment for people with cancer. The Gerson Institute offers a list of “Recovered Patient Referrals” to prospective new patients.

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