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Sep 18 2020

Swordel • 1 year ago • #41270635 Very nice ;P Thanks! 524529336. I have a lot more to add.Aye fighting it is a real treat! I've known about this little thing for a while, but I don't think I've ever actually seen its size compared to anything.I must say;it looks better than the prepainted version, the painting is really nice!This is an amazing paint job for a figure this tiny!Man, that's a huge improvement over the original! The Custom Showcase is purely for entertainment purposes and only provides a means for the creators to show off their work and trade ideas. Reminds me more of Kefka's final form than Sephiroth's... which makes me realize how detailed Kefka's sprite was compared to the blocky model that is Sephiroth.Amazing work! 1 year ago. Especially if it's as small as it appears. This rocks man! Safer Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII) Custom Action FigureThis is my Safer Sephiroth custom. :)Stunning painting, especially on such a small scale figure! The side wings were too heavy to make moveable so I made them stationary. Safer Sephiroth: Custom Type: Action Figure: Toy Series: Final Fantasy VII: Creator: Onewingedangel79 : Date Added: March 19, 2008: Base Figure: Sephiroth AC Play Arts: Height: 25.50 inches: This is my Safer Sephiroth custom. My xuxu took for me. I only used the head and torso from a Sephiroth Playa rts figure. Anonymous 09/13/20(Sun)21:01:15 No. have you even played ff7 the most he could get is 9999 hit and its nearly impossible for any one to fight safer sephiroth on there own even if goku could do it it wouldnt be an easy fight. The deformed wing iis also moveable I did limit its movement a little because of its weight also. Prev. Swordel . Home › Pictures › Picture #2071918. <3. The rest I made myself. The front and back wings do move and hold position due to revoltech joints I used for that purpose.

and 8 Spawn redeemer wings. This figure is 3D printed and electroplated with a layer of graphite BTW you can use a bazooza on it (aka Barrets arm) and it has nil effect. I especially like how his arm-wing turned out. It looks awesome!Wow! Because of that, there's no 'too much' Sephiroth, because he's no longer some shadowy hidden figure in the context of the player knowing the original story. Safer Sephiroth Figures / Prev. This is awesome!The figures contained in the Custom Showcase are not for sale by Figure Realm, and the creators of the customs are no way affiliated with Figure Realm.

The iconic One-Winged Angel musical cue is named for Safer Sephiroth, who has one dark wing extending from the right-hand side of his body, as well as a … It looks so much better than the original. And he is nowhere near complete only about 50% Check out his pics Very nice ;P. 1 year ago. You captured the final battle Sephiroth perfectly!Hey OWA! Title: Safer Sephiroth by SQUARE-ENIX Cast: n/a (Custom original) Date Completed: 11/23/19 Paints: Lacquer (Tamiya and Mr Hobby) and Craft Acrylic (for face details) Although this isn't labeled as a kit, it did come unpainted, so I'm going to consider it a kit. The best way to beat him is to summon the Knight of the Round summon magic.

I have him posted all over the net and decided to post him here too. The head, waist, and left arm are all articualted also.Thanx Soma Ill be uploading the remainder of my custom FF babies. Where's a bazooka when you need it xPGood God thats awesome! XD Some of you might be wondering why I decided to just paint a copy myself when a painted version exists. I imagine you could play with it even, but their are a few things to keep in mind. We are nearly at the end of the game!

or sculpted? Next. Those wings are great!Gives me inspiration to paint something simple just for practice. With the base he stands just un 26inches high. >> Anonymous 09/13/20(Sun)21:01:15 No. This is my Safer Sephiroth from final fantasy 7. He is the largest figure I have ever done, even larger than Infinimon. The detail is wonderful, the figure by itself is rather sturdy,and the posibility is not bad eathier. Welcome to the Realm ^_^.

2016×1512 (447 KiB) • 282 hits • 2 comments • 0 like • 38 points . How big is it anyways?

524529336 >>524529210 >Japs don't bother with 1:1 remakes because they want to make something new based … This figure is probably the best sephiroth figure in the playarts line yet. Everyone knows the One Winged Angel, but this is our 3D printed tribute to Sephiroths most bizarre form. with Apoxie fixit sculpt, the chest and abs I did myself as the original Sephiroth play arts figure didn't have much definition of muscle.THIS IS CUSTOM MADE! I have him posted all over the net and decided to post him here too. Figure Realm does not make or sell customs. Is this an original AF and repainted? Comments2 comments. The worse part is the higher level of Cloud the stronger it becomes (since they are linked) . At the lower levels it might take twice siumooning ot to beat his when you are higher up it can take up to 6 times summoning it to beat him.Wha, you have to fight that thing? With the base he stands just un 26inches high. EmperaSeijin. Next. EmperaSeijin 1 year ago. I SAW THIS IN THE U-TUBE..THIS ONE OF THE GREATEST CUSTOM I'VE SEEN HERE..woooow! This Bizarro Sephiroth figurine comes complete with a detachable biomechanical stand. Much closer to his actual appearance, and the colours you used are fantastic.Really good work!

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