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Sep 18 2020

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Normally, you’d want a moderate Strength at the least (for damage bonuses from a composite longbow), a high Dexterity (for your attack rolls), and a moderate-to-high Wisdom score (for your Armor Class and Zen archery relaxes a lot of the trouble you’d otherwise have here. It's one or the other. The character has 1 level of Zen Archer monk and the rest will be cleric levels. I usually really like ki stand, but feel like you shouldn't be getting tripped or falling prone very often as an archer. Complete both Primal destinies to get the Levels 29 through 30 brings you superior gear options. Your monk bonus feat list is also retailored to be more suitable toward ranged combat. At 6th level,... Zen Archery ( Ex). +0: You may use your Wisdom Modifier in place of your Dexterity Modifier on ranged attack rolls. As noted above, Rapid Shot and Manyshot don’t work alongside your flurry of blows, so you’ll probably want to avoid choosing them as bonus feats, even though they’re available to you.Still another change at 1st level is the exchange of Stunning Fist for Perfect Strike, which you are given special allowance to use with a bow.

You can get wisdom to hit by following Erastil and taking the feat: Erastil's blessing...What you can do however if you are a follower of Erastil is go for the Evangelist prestige class which will get you Dex+Wisdom to hit and Wisdom+Strength on damage with longbows which is brutal...Another trick is to go play a Samsaran Erastil follower of Erastil, choose mystic past life ranger spells take gravity bow and instant enemy as your ranger spells and then take Royal Accuser Inquisitor Archetype (which gets you a progressing favored enemy).

Zen Archery. Because you can ignore prerequisites while choosing monk bonus feats, this allows you to avoid minor feats (like Point Blank Shot) and get right to the good ones (like Precise Shot and Improved Precise Shot), so long as your monk level is high enough (the list is still limited at early levels and expands at 6th and 10th levels). The WIS is never lost from AC, and is used to-hit.

She adds her Wisdom modifier on Bluff and Diplomacy skill checks in addition to the normal ability score modifiers. From first level, your abilities are all about using the bow. My feats are as follows:I'm going down the Dimensional Assault line so that I can grant flanking out of every square I D-door to during my full attack. If you truly want to avoid Dexterity, rely on melee attacks for the first couple levels, since your Strength will still be fairly decent.You also exchange still mind for Point Blank Master as a bonus feat at 3rd level, which means you can worry far less about pesky monsters getting in your face and making your life as an archer difficult. ?, ?? While Precise Shot allows ranged/thrown attacks to pass through enemies to reach your target, IPS does the opposite, striking your target and anything in-between you and the target. General Feats and Elf Racial Enhancements The Zen Archer … He gets paid for that. The feat seems simple and powerful, it's just the build felt feat starved already.

I have two animal companions, and they seem to be made of paper. The character will mainly provide party buffing support through spells and channels, but will also provide some damage support through archery. After 5th level, your feat choices are actually pretty open, as you will be using your bonus feats to get essentials like Improved Precise Shot and Improved Critical. To better prepare for Combat Reflexes down the line (and to make levels 1 and 2 less painful) this build has a higher Dexterity.

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