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The Dangers of Picking Bad Accountants

May 15 2017

While there may be many accountants in London to choose from, it can be hard to find a firm that is both reputable and cost-effective. While firms while generally advise you that they are the best people to take on your financial affairs and to help your business prepare for taxation and otherwise, it’s important to understand that there are bodies out there who are more than prepared to not only cut corners, but will also be wilful in their reporting and calculations. But what are the real dangers of your partnering with shadier accountancy firms in London or elsewhere? There are plenty to pick from.


The Dangers of Picking Bad Accountants


You’re going to need to find an accountant or firm who is not only accredited, but has a proven track record. Accountancy firms in London or elsewhere who cannot easily back up their education or achievements with a record or provable experience should present you with a red flag right away. Accountants who fabricate their expertise will hardly be in a good position to reassure you on matters of taxation or financial reporting – in fact, you will run the risk of seriously damaging your record-keeping and position with HMRC.


Keeping HMRC in mind, it’s important that your accountants in London or elsewhere ensure that they are 100% compliant with government standards and expectations. If they are willing to exploit loopholes, cut corners or even worse, they are not just breaking the law – they are taking you with them. While you may be tempted to save on tax, you need to ensure that your accountant can prove that everything they are doing is legal and above board. There is no point saving a handful of money now to face big fines down the road.


As experienced accountants in London with a proven track record and assurance of 100% compliance with HMRC, you can breathe a little easier with FinSol Tax Advisors at your side. We remain up front, open and honest on all our book keeping, ensuring that you are well-informed, happy, and kept in the black. For more information on our services, call us today on 0800 840 2501 for a discussion without obligation!

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