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Why Indian Companies are Increasing Their UK Investments

Mar 27 2017

Even in the eventuality of Brexit – the UK leaving the European Union – there is still solid interest in the UK as a hub for investment worldwide.  For several years now, Britain has been a hotbed of business investment and financial stability – yet, thanks to the recent referendum result, the stability of the country and its economy were thrown into doubt.  However, things have had time to settle and with the Prime Minister set to make a potential deal between the UK and Europe clear, other countries outside of the continent are once again looking to firm up investment in the country.  Accountancy firms in London are in fact noticing an influx in interest from businesses based in India – and there are many reasons as to why.


Why Indian Companies are Increasing Their UK Investments


Only a year ago, India’s economy growth was said to be escalating upwards by 7% per year, a colossal achievement where big countries are seeing their economies shrink as a result of various worldwide financial calamities over the past decade.  Indian firms are therefore continuing to look to partner with indian companies in uk and investments overseas to really bolster their position – and uk tax advisors and beyond are setting themselves up to help out Indian businesses who continue to flock to the British Isles.  It’s thought that Indian investment and business provides thousands of new jobs that are up for grabs in the UK – making their investment all the more a mutual success.


It’s thought that many Indian firms choose to invest in the UK due to it simply being remarkably easy – up until recently, the country has had solid links to the EU, and they are still considered a trade superpower.  While their position after Brexit in two years’ time may make things a little different, there is no doubt that Indian businesses have sought to stamp their mark in the UK to help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their budgeting and cashflow, and to benefit from accountancy firms in London and beyond.


While Brexit may take a chunk out of the UK’s armour in terms of trade and their value to big businesses in India and elsewhere, it remains to be seen whether or not the country will completely relocate – their economy is absolutely booming in a climate where other big countries are noticing a downturn, which is perhaps all the more remarkable – and they, of course, continue to be welcome to invest!

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