Self Assessment

DIY if you know what you are doing….

Self assessment taxation can apply to individuals who are self employed, operate a company as a director, or even those who have regular savings and investment income. While many employees with simple tax affairs are able to pay their taxes directly to HMRC via payroll, it is a little different if you are working on your own or if you don’t report your income via tax code. This means you will need to file a tax return each year to ensure that HMRC receives the right amount of tax contributions from you based on what you have earned.

Self assessment tax returns are not as complex as they seem – but when it comes to minimising your liability for certain taxation, FinSol Tax Advisors can help to make sure you file efficiently and within HMRC’s guidelines. We can help you file your return to ensure your details are not only present and correct, but that you do so with the maximum amount of savings accounted for. This way, you can always be assured you’ll pay the exact amount expected of you – and not a penny more! If you need help filing for self assessment, FinSol Tax Advisors can be on hand to guide you.